Doctor Mom

Interested in using natural remedies with your child?

Parents will spend hundreds of hours monitoring their sick kids and nursing them back to health.  Imagine feeling confident while treating fevers, coughs, colds, flus, ear infections and other common childhood illnesses with natural remedies in the comfort of your own home.  Imagine the relief of making informed decisions about your child's health.


More and more parents are interested in using safe, effective and natural remedies to treat common childhood illnesses at home.  Parents also want to be proactive about optimizing their child's health. Doctor Mom was created to support parents in doing just that.


Parents are the experts on their kids and can help them heal.

Parents can detect subtle changes in their child's health as they are able to perceive slight variations in appearance and behaviour.  This means they can catch illnesses early and determine if their child is improving. Parents can also provide daily monitoring and compassionate individualized care. You can help your child heal. In fact, studies show that close contact between parents and their children can positively impact their health:   

  1. A mother's voice decreases stress hormones in children. This is very significant since stress hormones interfere with immune function. When stress is high, healing is impaired.
  2. Skin-to-skin contact reduces pain in infants. Pain induces stress and therefore interferes with immune function.
  3. Contact with mother's skin helps to regulate breathing rate, heart rate, body temperature, and blood sugar and improves weight gain and brain development in babies.


Doctor Mom can help you keep your child healthy.

Whether you're looking for a holistic approach to treating fevers, ear infections, colds, coughs, flus and other childhood illnesses or wanting to make informed decisions about childhood vaccines, infant nutrition, breastfeeding, colic, sleep, detoxification, travelling with children safely or improving your child's health, Doctor Mom can help you!

Dr. Katia Bailetti, ND (inact) is a mother of three with training and experience in emergency medicine and natural medicine.  In addition to helping children heal, she uses her knowledge and experience to support parents in their efforts to better understand their child’s symptoms, and how they can support healing in their child by using safe and natural remedies.  

The information included in the Doctor Mom Guides and Resources has been distilled from the expertise accumulated through Katia’s years practicing as a pediatric naturopathic doctor, her paramedic training and most importantly, her experience as a mother.  Traditional knowledge is integrated with scientific research to provide you with information about using effective natural remedies safely and implementing illness prevention strategies.  Learn how to use herbal medicine, homeopathic remedies, hydrotherapy, acupressure, medicinal food and nutritional supplements, massage therapy and mind-body medicine to improve your child's health.  Information included is appropriate for infants, babies, toddlers and children.