Childhood Vaccinations - Vaccine Consult


Dr. Bailetti has been offering Vaccine Consults to parents and doctors across Canada since 2005. This one hour audio lecture covers the information that is typically discussed during one of Dr. Bailetti's Vaccine Consults. The lecture includes the following:

-an overview of Canadian childhood vaccination schedule and  proposed alternate schedules

-a summary of infections that we vaccinated against and the  related vaccines including typical symptoms and treatment, routes of exposure,  people at highest risk, incidence rates and death rates in Canada, vaccine  compliance in Canadian children and vaccine efficacy

-recommendations regarding travel vaccines, spacing of  injections, fevers and attending chicken pox "parties

-discussion of meningitis, herd immunity, selective vaccination

-vaccine safety, vaccine ingredients, vaccines and autism, how to reduce your child’s risk of autism or a severe  vaccine complication


This audio file is available as a downloadable MP3.


Childhood Vaccinations - Vaccine Consult
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